Kansas City man suffers stab wound to the buttock



Some butts know how to defend themselves.
  • Some butts know how to defend themselves.

At the crack of dawn today, two men got into an argument that left one with a stab wound to his left buttock. The Star reports that a group of people were at a home at 81st Street and Olive when the argument broke out. The victim, 45, was chased across the street from the house. Another man caught up to the victim and stabbed his rump. The assault left the victim's right ass whole.

The assailant then fled on foot to the south. The victim met an ambulance at 80th Street and Prospect. But, the paper reports, he wouldn't cooperate with police officers. Perhaps he's planning on forgiving the man and turning the other cheek. Spraying gasoline on bus passengers and stabbing asses. It really is summer is Kansas City.

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