Woman sprays bus passengers with gasoline



Cue the jokes about taking public transportation.
  • Cue the jokes about taking public transportation.
In what is surely one of the strangest Kansas City crimes of the year, a woman was arrested this morning for allegedly spraying gasoline on her fellow bus passengers. Police say that around 5:30 this morning, a woman got into an argument with a man on the bus. She then allegedly took a water bottle full of gasoline and poured it on the man, splashing other riders.

"It's unclear whether he was where she wanted to sit or where she normally sits," a police spokesman told The Star.

A spokeswoman for the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority told The Star that the woman then pulled out a match, but it's not clear if she tried to light the match in an effort to set the passenger on fire. Brave passengers (there were about a dozen on the early morning ride) then grabbed the woman and subdued her.

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