3 Girls Cupcakes is for sale



This mobile cupcakery is for sale.
The cupcake craze is over for Simonie Wilson. The owner, driver and baker behind 3 Girls Cupcakes has put her cupcake business and cupcake truck on the block.

"It's a family business and it's always been built around my family, but not as a business," Wilson says. "It's grown to the point where I'm hoping somebody who is more business-minded can grow it to its full potential. If I kept going, I'd never see my family."

Wilson launched 3 Girls Cupcakes after being laid off in 2010 when her contract work in the field of computational linguistics - the phone systems that have a computer on the other end instead of a person - dried up. Wilson has spent the past three years building her own business and advocating for food trucks (she helped Liberty design a recently passed trial ordinance that allows for food trucks to vend downtown). For her, the high point likely came last month when Rachel Kramer Bussel of Cupcakes Take the Cake - the world's pre-eminent cupcake blog - gave rave reviews to the creations from Liberty.

"She loved them, and I was like, 'I'm good.' We got that confirmation, and that was all I needed," Wilson says.

3 Girls Cupcakes' contract with the Sprint Center expires at the end of June, which is also the time that she intends to shift full time back to computational linguistics. Wilson is hoping to sell the business this summer, in large part to spend more time with her family.

"The three girls are my daughters. It's been something for my youngest to come to terms with because she's semi-famous at school," Wilson says. "But now when I get overwhelmed, she tells me, 'Mom, you're doing this for the right reasons.' She's 10."

3 Girls Cupcakes will be selling at the Sprint Center through the end of the month, and Wilson is planning to make a few surprise stops on her regular route to give out free cupcakes and say thank you.

"I'm excited to see what happens. I think there's still a lot of room for cupcakes in Kansas City," Wilson says.

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