Nick Bolton, personal trainer, answers The Pitch's questionnaire



Name: Nick Bolton

Occupation: Personal trainer, fitness model, sponsored athlete

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Current neighborhood: South Overland Park

Who or what is your sidekick? My cellphone, with everything from my schedule to music to Internet.

What was the last local restaurant you patronized? RA Sushi

Where do you drink? Wherever my friends are. Anything from a laid-back sports bar to the occasional club. I enjoy changing things up.

What's your favorite charity? Susan G. Komen (breast-cancer awareness) followed up by Alzheimer's-awareness charities.

Favorite place to spend your paycheck: Dick's Sporting Goods or Best Buy. Unfortunately, more recently it's been local grocery stores.

What local phenomenon do you think is overrated? In the fitness world, I'd say CrossFit. Although there's definitely a market and some very religious followers, it's not for everyone.

Where do you like to take out-of-town guests? Sprint Center or Power & Light District. I like to try and catch a good show or just see the city with friends.

Finish this sentence: "Kansas City got it right when ... " They renovated downtown to bring more business there.

"Kansas City screwed up when ... " It didn't build subway or light rail.

"Kansas City needs ... " A professional sports team downtown.

"People might be surprised to know that I ... " Finally saw the ocean for the first time last year, and have never left this country.

"On my day off, I like to ... " Get a workout in, enjoy a movie or ride my motorcycle.

"In five years, I'll be ... " One of the biggest fitness personalities in the city or even the country.

What TV show do you make sure you watch? I'm a big movie guy. I'll spend more time flipping through to the good movies. If it was a show I'd settle on, it'd be anything on ESPN.

____ take(s) up a lot of space in my iTunes: Good mix of workout music. Nothing slow.

What movie do you watch at least once a year? National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

What local tradition do you take part in every year? I haven't really gotten a chance to enjoy the local traditions as much as I'd like. I've tried the Snake Saturday and First Fridays, but it hasn't been an annual thing.

Celebrity you'd like to ride the Mamba with at Worlds of Fun: George Brett

Person or thing you find really irritating at this moment: Drivers in raining conditions

What subscription - print, digital, etc. - do you value most? Men's Fitness

Last book you read: I'd say the most recent thing I've read would be the latest issue of Men's Health.

Favorite day trip: I don't have many chances for day trips. I do enjoy sneaking up to Iowa to see my family when I have time. Locally, I'll hit up a lake in the summer.

What is your most embarrassing dating moment? I was dating an identical twin and confused her for her sister in front of her family.

Interesting brush with the law? As a former firefighter, I try to avoid brushes with the law.

Describe a recent triumph: I'm getting ready to launch the largest Boot Camp for Breast Cancer in the city - at two different locations. This is a triumph because I'm generating awareness of an amazing cause and bringing people together to help them reach their fitness goals.

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