KU Boobs told to stop selling KU-branded merchandise



Jayhawk boobs can stay on Twitter, KU says.
  • Jayhawk boobs can stay on Twitter, KU says.

The University of Kansas has told the popular KU fan website KUBoobs.com to stop selling merchandise branded with "KU." Enterprising Jayhawks fans started the @KUBoobs handle, which publishes self-submitted photos of the chests of female KU fans in Jayhawks gear. For obvious reasons, it became a hit. Royals fans soon started their own version.

But in addition to the Twitter handle, KU Boobs' creator started KUBoobs.com, which sold items such as bracelets that read, "I (heart) KU Boobs." Yesterday, the university said that was a violation of the school's KU trademark, and it sent the site a cease and desist letter. The university later made a statement clarifying that it is not trying to take down the KU Boobs Twitter account. To be clear, the university is fine with Jayhawks fans tweeting around busty selfies, but not fine with selling unauthorized KU-branded merch.

Twitter users seem to be under the impression that KU was lobbying to take the handle offline as well. That's likely because @KUBoobs initially tweeted, "KU Boobs has been ordered to cease and desist by The University of Kansas by June 12, 2013."

Jim Marchiony, associate director of public affairs with KU Athletics, told FOX 4 that the school isn't going after the Twitter account. "We're not trying to shut @KUBoobs down. It's one thing to have a Twitter account. It's another thing to sell items with 'KU' on it, which is what they're doing," he told the station.

The KU Boobs website has been taken down, but the news has boosted the Twitter handle's popularity. It has spawned the hashtag #SaveKuBoobs and boosted the account to more than 50,000 followers.

The cease and desist letter is below via RockChalkBlog.com.


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