Royals fan sprints on the field, steals rosin bag



Fans at The K are making their own amusement.
  • Fans at The K are making their own amusement.

In Kansas City, we're no strangers to sports fans running across the field in some dramatic, stupid fashion. At last night's Royals-Angels tilt, a new chapter was written in Kansas City fans' hilarity and stupidity. In the bottom of the eighth inning, a fan sprinted onto the infield and headed straight for the mound (video after the jump).

Maybe he had sweaty palms from the jog, because he snatched up the rosin bag before juking a police officer almost out of his shoes and continuing his jaunt around the K. If nothing else, it was a fun distraction for fans as the Royals went down 5-4 for their 13th loss in the last 17 games. The fan faces a three-year ban at Major League Baseball parks. Maybe by then the Royals will be competitive?

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