Giovanni's Deli goes big in the Northland



Giovannis chicken parm is a fine representative of the species.
  • Giovanni's chicken parm is a fine representative of the species.
Giovanni's Italian Deli & Pasta (6100 N.E. Antioch Road) is the rare place where you can get a ham sandwich and a pound of ham for when you're hungry three days later. The hoagies are done in the style of a classic Italian tradition. You won't leave hungry. In fact, you may not even be able to fit out the door.

I'm exaggerating. Slightly.

I visited Giovanni's as part of the research for The Pitch's cover story this week recommending a month of sandwiches (in our bright-red newspaper boxes now and here online). The cold deli subs - I tried Ross' Specialty (an encyclopedia's worth of Italian meats: salami, capicola, ham) on a recommendation - make a solid meal for two folks. The hot subs are a more manageable size. The chicken parm, with homemade marinara that was a bit on the sweet side for my taste, is still a fine representative of the species. The dining room also did a brisk business in pasta with lasagne and fettuccine Alfredo on half of the tables.

For those who want to eat behind the wheel (although with these sandwiches, you'll end up wearing something), there's a drive-through. Giovanni's Deli is open Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 816-459-9500.

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