Jeff Francoeur, it's not cool to hit your coach in the junk



Frenchy needs to learn some boundaries.
  • Frenchy needs to learn some boundaries.

The Royals thumped the Rays 8-2 at home Tuesday night. It was just the win that fans needed to get the bad taste of the two games - 9-0 and 10-3 losses - out of their mouths. But it wasn't an entirely painless night. Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur clubbed a triple in the seventh inning, and flicked third-base coach Eddie Rodriguez right in the nards. (GIF after the jump.)

It's definitive proof that coaches don't wear cups. Rodriguez appeared to be only slightly fazed by the unexpected celebratory tap. He probably figured, meh, a win is a win.
H/t CBS Sports

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