Boulevard's Pilsner will henceforth be known as KC Pils



Goodbye, Pilsner. Hello KC Pils.
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  • Goodbye, Pilsner. Hello, KC Pils.
The hometown brewery is adding a hometown touch to the brew formerly known as Boulevard Pilsner. Going forward, Boulevard Pilsner will now be called KC Pils. There will also be a new bottle design and packaging - the standard box that comes with year-round beers like Wheat and Pale Ale.

Just a note, the formula for Pilsner isn't changing. This is just a rebranding effort on the part of the brewery on Southwest Boulevard. On its Facebook page, Boulevard stated that KC Pils will be on tap at the Sporting KC game this Saturday, where soccer fans can also eat Grinders food at Sporting Park for the first time and enjoy pregame at the Budweiser Beer Garden.

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