Gary Goodspeed accused of robbing escorts he ordered



Goodspeed is accused of robbing adult entertainers
  • Goodspeed is accused of robbing adult entertainers.
On Sunday, Gary Goodspeed was arrested after a long standoff with Kansas City police in a home on the 2100 block of East 70th Terrace. He was taken into custody Monday morning. Prosecutors charged Goodspeed later Monday with an odd set of four robbery charges and armed criminal action.

Authorities say Goodspeed wasn't the kind of robber to pull stickups on the street or burgle homes. No. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker says in the charges that Goodspeed ordered an escort and robbed her when she arrived. Then he tried to do it again.

Probable-cause statements for the charges say Goodspeed called an adult-entertainment company - saved in his phone as "escort" and "S cort" - and asked for a woman to be dispatched to a home. When she pulled up in her car, he then allegedly "pointed a black semiautomatic handgun at her and demanded money. The suspect took the victim's money ($13) and left the scene on foot."

That's pretty much ice-cold. The service called police and told them what happened. But, charges say, Goodspeed wasn't done ripping off escorts just yet. Goodspeed then allegedly called the company again and asked that another companion be sent to his house. (Give him some credit, he dialed a different number the second time, thinking it was another entertainment outfit, but it was the same one.)

Here the KCPD got a little creative. A female detective started pretending to be the entertainer responding to Goodspeed's call. The female detective asked Goodspeed to meet her on a street outside the house that he had called escorts to. Instead, he ran inside the home, and an operation 100 was declared because he refused to come out.

The charges also indicate that this kind of appointment robbery isn't a new thing for Goodspeed. He's also accused of committing a robbery in February after meeting with women to supposedly sell them iPhones. Three victims brought $200 to a meeting with him, and he allegedly fired a gun (missing them all) and took their money.

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