Delores Metcalf, serial cat hoarder, found with cats again


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Metcalf faces dozens of new municipal court charges.
  • Metcalf faces dozens of new municipal court charges.
The Delores Metcalf story just keeps getting sadder. On Monday, city employees removed 14 cats and a dog from Metcalf's home. A dead dog was also found in the home. A year ago, police removed 16 cats from her residence. And in August 2011, 150 cats and 50 dead cats were taken from her house on the 3700 block of North Bales Avenue.

Metcalf, 58, now faces 32 new municipal charges for keeping too many animals in her home (Kansas Citians can have four cats or dogs), abuse and living in an unsafe structure.

Police said the healthiest of the new group of cats will be put up for adoption. The KC Pet Project is handling the animals. Metcalf's house was previously declared unsafe for habitation. FOX 4 reports that cat feces and trash were found throughout her home, and a bag of dead mice was removed from her freezer.

Metcalf has now been charged four times for animal hoarding, and it sounds like her neighbors are at a loss. "I just don't know how anyone lives like that," neighbor Marzella Blackmon told FOX 4.

The TV station reports that Metcalf is being held on $500 bond.


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