Pigwich's banh mi is porktacular



Pigwichs Banh Mi is delicious, but it is filling.
  • Pigwich's banh mi is delicious, but it is filling.
Pigwich, the yellow sandwich trailer behind the Local Pig (2618 Guinotte Avenue), throws open its windows at 10:30 a.m. daily. Not long after that time this past Saturday, the world came to eat. Construction workers stepped down from trucks to join families looking for some fuel, before a stop inside the adjacent butcher shop, and folks from the East Bottoms neighborhood ready to two-hand a double cheeseburger.

The sandwich shop has four main menu items (burger, cheesesteak, banh mi and falafel), plus a rotating special. The banh mi would be my recommendation. It's not a traditional version - the grilled pork or pate has been replaced by meatballs, and a crusty baguette is instead an enormous ciabatta roll at this food truck. But the flavors are representative of a more classic interpretation. There's the tang of pickled carrots, heat from Sriracha mayo and bright sprigs of cilantro that marry well with the pork meatballs. The only blemish on this sandwich may be the ciabatta roll. It's a fine bread, but the size of it dwarfs the delicate harmony of the ingredients within. The homemade potato chips, the crispy ones, are well-done.

With chips and a soda, a sandwich (which is big enough to split) will run you $8. There are four communal picnic tables on a small rock-lined spot between Pigwich and the Local Pig - a patio just big enough for you to embrace some pork.

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