Should we celebrate or eliminate the trend of photographing our food?



Yup, this site exists.
  • Yup, this site exists.
I am not fun to eat with. I'm a fine conversationalist. I like a lot of different cuisines. And I'll gladly let you have a bite off my plate. But I'm still not fun to eat with. And that's because, if we're sitting together, there's going to come a moment after the food arrives that I have to ask you to wait to take a bite (no matter how hungry you are) so that I can snap a picture, or six, of the food in front of you. We don't just eat with our eyes anymore. We eat with our lens first.

Writer Josh Ozersky, in his latest advice column of Eat Like a Man for Esquire, recently tackled the subject of whether customers should be allowed to photograph their food. Here's his take:

You're goddamned right they are. Fussy chefs who glower about people taking pictures of their rotten food commit a bottomless commercial and moral folly. Why wouldn't you want people broadcasting images of their food? And what the hell do you have to say about it, anyway? That food is about to be blindly torn, licked, forced down a narrow flesh channel and dissolved in a dank bag of acids and enzymes. Having its picture taken is the best thing that will ever happen to it.

Ozersky makes it clear where he falls on the spectrum. I, for better or worse, have to support this policy because it's directly related to my current livelihood. There are plenty of examples that line up on the opposite end. As one exhibit, I'll direct your attention to the Tumblr blog, Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food. Are you over the trend of people snapping shots of their meals and posting them for the world to see or do you believe a picture tells more than 1,000 words on a menu ever could?

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