Would you ever want your restaurant coffee to-go?



We are becoming a nation of coffee pod people.
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  • We are becoming a nation of coffee pod people.
There's a moment near the end of a meal at a fried-chicken or hamburger joint when my heart overwhelms my brain and I happily accept a Styrofoam to-go cup of whatever I'm drinking at that moment.

"Would you like a to-go cup, honey?" turns me into Ado Annie Carnes.

New York's Grub Street has the story of how Nespresso is looking to increase the market share of its pod coffee to high-end restaurants. So the same single-serving coffee in a person's kitchen is now in the back of restaurants. I've always associated coffee with the leisurely end - at times, it can be as pleasing as dessert - to a full meal. But the convenience of pod coffee suggests that the take-home cup isn't far off. Do you care if your coffee comes from a pod? And would you ever want it to-go from a restaurant?

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