Mizzou and Frank Haith forget to show up for NCAA Tournament game with Colorado State



Whatever dulls the pain, Truman.
  • Whatever dulls the pain, Truman.
There's no denying that it was an up-and-down season for Mizzou men's basketball. At one point, the Tigers were ranked No. 7. But they were bounced after one game in the SEC Tournament and were given a nine-seed in the NCAA Tournament. A decided meh campaign.

And that's why the Tigers' performance in a second-round game against Colorado State wasn't too surprising. The Tigers were shoved around, didn't play much defense, and their best shooters never quite caught fire.

The Rams beat the Tigers 84-72. Senior center Alex Oriakhi put it best to the Columbia Tribune, "We got what we deserved." LOL, Tigers.

This was the fourth straight NCAA Tournament game Mizzou has lost, and it's time for coach Frank Haith and Mizzou to have a come-to-Jesus-moment. He was brought to Columbia after a mediocre tenure at the University of Miami. And the NCAA has reportedly accused him of ethics violations during his time in Miami. He allegedly knew about a payment made to the family of one of his players. He has said he didn't do anything wrong.

Haith's first season was thrilling as the team went 30-5 and was a No. 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. That season ended in a pathetic loss to 15-seed Norfolk State. To be sure, this year's team wasn't as good as the 2011-12 team. But Haith's reaction to the loss was disappointingly muted. he told the Tribune that he thought his team was playing great at the end of the year.

"We were 115th in defensive efficiency last year, and we're top 60 this year. So I thought our team lost some close ballgames in league play, but I thought we were playing better at the end of the year," he told the paper.

That's great, top 60. Mizzou should take a good look at whether it is worth keeping Haith, his 53-15 record and his boxcar full of baggage around. As a Tigers fan, I can tell you, it's getting really old not having a team to cheer for in March, and being forced instead to simply cheer against KU.

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