Marshall Crenshaw at Knuckleheads tonight



Eight p.m. isnt too late for Monday Morning Rock, is it?
  • Lisa Tanner
  • Eight p.m. isn't too late for "Monday Morning Rock," is it?

We almost missed this one: Marshall Crenshaw - maker of 1982's ninth-best album and all-around pop-rock treasure - plays the Retro Lounge at Knuckleheads tonight at 8 (doors at 7).

Crenshaw's latest project is a series of EPs, titled I Don't See You Laughing Now. Each KickStarter-funded installment features a cover, a redone older tune from his own catalog, and a brand-new original. (A subscription to all three 10-inchers goes for $26 on his website.) The first disc is worth it just for his cracking version of the Move's "No Time." (There's pretty much no one savvier about covers than Crenshaw.)

"Digital is more convenient, I'm on board with that, but I think that analog is actually better," Crenshaw told American Songwriter magazine earlier this year. (The EPs come with digital downlods.) "The other thing is that I just love records, and so do lots of other people. When I got the first copies of my new EP I stared at the thing just like I used to do."

There are still tickets ($30) available. Order here.

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