Farm to Market's Irish Soda Bread hits store shelves this weekend



Enjoy a bit of Irish Soda Bread this weekend.
  • Enjoy a bit of Irish Soda Bread this weekend.
The only true way to mark holidays is with food. And so before we are inundated with green beer, the St. Patrick's Day season returns with the limited release of Farm to Market's Irish Soda Bread. The savory loaf is made with buttermilk, golden raisins, and chunks of butter before being dusted with raw sugar (which you will happily lick off your fingers while eating a slice). And like Boulevard's Irish Ale (out now), the bread is as solid as in years past. (Farm to Market dropped two loaves off at The Pitch's offices before the release date.)

The Irish Soda Bread will be on sale tomorrow through Sunday, March 17. It's sold at Hen House, Cosentino's markets, the Hy-Vee in Prairie Village and Overland Park (135th and Metcalf), and Whole Foods. It may be better the second day, lightly toasted with a bit of blackberry jam.

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