Claire McCaskill drafting bill that would allow use of electronics aboard planes during takeoff and landing



Nobody tells McCaskill to power down her iPad. Nobody.
  • Nobody tells McCaskill to power down her iPad. Nobody.
Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill's taste for technology is pretty widely known. She tweets like a fiend, and an iPad has long been her trusted sidekick. So it's not at all unexpected that the senator was going to try to put an end to the FAA's "No electronics during takeoffs and landings" rule.

The FAA is currently reviewing the necessity of the rule but not moving fast enough for McCaskill. In a letter to FAA administrator Michael Huerta, the senator said she was starting to move on legislation to allow electronics use. "In the coming weeks, I will be calling in various stakeholders to receive input on the issue, and I will be working with my colleagues to build bipartisan support for action in Congress," she wrote.

McCaskill also stressed that she wasn't pushing for cell phone use on planes, only electronics. "To be clear, I am not currently advocating for the use of cell phones for voice communications during flight. Simply put, electronic devices that are currently allowed above 10,000 feet should be allowed for use during all phases of flight." That's good to hear. Because the day people are allowed to make calls during the flights is the day I apply for an Amtrak frequent-rider card.

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