Grumpy Cat meme becomes snow art, mocks Kansas City's latest snowstorm (photo)




Of all the snow creations made from the latest round of snowpocalygeddon, Dustin Schirer's won our icy hearts. Probably because Schirer's Grumpy Cat, based on the meme, speaks to how we feel about losing power, digging out, and trudging through this mess of snow and ice. Not that Grumpy Cat would be sympathetic. Or maybe our hearts warmed because Schirer looks so damn happy.

Schirer, a creative producer at Barkley, took a second this morning to tell us how his Grumpy Cat came together.

"Lucky for me, I was able to work from home yesterday. At about 4 p.m., I decided I should tackle shoveling the driveway. After about an hour of that nonsense, I ended up with a huge snow pile, from the two storms, on the side of the driveway. After a little bit of thought based on the size and shape of the snow, I decided to make Grumpy Cat. Somehow I talked my wife into helping me sculpt the snow beast, and within an hour we had a pretty solid-looking piece of lawn art."

We asked Grumpy Cat what he she thought, but he she was speechless.


All we know is that Schirer won this snowstorm.

Anyone seen any other sweet snow creations out there?

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