Where are the most romantic restaurants in Kansas City?



What local restaurants are romantic when its not Valentines Day?
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  • What local restaurants are romantic when it's not Valentine's Day?

Any restaurant - even Waffle House - can be the setting of a romantic dining experience on Valentine's Day. But what local restaurants have romantic cachet when it's not the so-called "most romantic night of the year"? (Ask any restaurant server who has hustled plates on Valentine's Day evening how "romantic" that shift is for them.)

On this morning's edition of KCUR 89.3's Central Standard Friday I'll be discussing the best places to take a date for seduction or a marriage proposal, and even the best places to begin an illicit affair - with fellow panelist Christine Becicka of Ingram's Magazine and special guest, novelist, cookbook author and former restaurateur Lou Jane Temple, and the show's listeners at 10 a.m. Feel free to join the radio conversation by calling 816-235-2888.

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