Shatto Chocolate Cherry Milk: the Taste Test



Smooch is out now.
  • Smooch is out now.
I may or may not have drunk this one in a Hy-Vee parking lot yesterday. After a quick shake of the Chocolate Cherry bottle and a twist of the safety cap, I cracked open a pint ($2.49) wrapped in a plastic bag. It was a classy moment for Fat City.

A whiff of cherry escaped, and when I stuck my nose in the top of the bottle, that whiff became a punch. But the first thing I actually tasted was chocolate; the cherry didn't come until the end of the sip (that evens out, the longer you work on it). While the milk is smooth and rich, the two flavors rob the whole milk of some of its volume. Shatto whole milk is like a cream volcano, but with this release, it's the cherry that coats the tongue. It's a fine start, but Shatto is actually a victim of its own outstanding chocolate milk. It's not that this is a miss. It just made me want pure, unadulterated chocolate milk. Perhaps most telling is that more than half the bottle is still there in my fridge this morning. As for taste comparisons, it was deemed closest to black cherry yogurt here in the Bender household.

The new bottle is more intriguing for what it may portend. There are four additional flavors slated to roll out later this year (any predictions?), and the skinny pints are, I believe, a new bottle size for the Osborn dairy. This won't stop me from taking the plunge with the next skinny pint, but I expect I'll be able to wait for my first sip until after I bring the grocery bags in from the driveway.

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