The Darkness is at the Uptown tonight


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The Darkness' theatrical cock rock - a throwback to bands like Aerosmith, Queen and Kiss - was a breath of fresh air back in 2003, when brooding, lifeless new-wave bands like Interpol were the toast of the rock world. The band's shtick is not quite as novel today, but its core argument remains a compelling one: that rock music has been taken over by nerds, and what audiences really want from rock bands is a guy crawling around onstage in a catsuit, with hair down to his ass, singing over monster power-chord hooks. The Darkness broke up for six years (apparently) but returned in 2012 with a new record, Hot Cakes. Based on what I've read on the Internet, the group is still putting on crazy shows and wearing unitards. God bless them. (This performance was originally booked at the now-closed Beaumont Club; it's been moved to the Uptown Theater.)

Wednesday, January 30, at the Uptown Theater, 8 p.m.


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