Eating alone in Kansas City - it's not so lonely



Sometimes, eating alone can be a very public affair.
  • pennuja
  • Sometimes, eating alone can be a very public affair.

This is a question we've asked frequently here in Fat City: Do you ever go out to eat alone, and if so, where do you go? There are some people who will stand in the middle of their kitchen and eat a miserable peanut butter sandwich rather than go to a restaurant solo.

Eating at the bar is one thing - being single isn't quite so obvious, and the atmosphere is certainly more congenial than a table for one - but being the only companionless diner in a busy dining room is like being the wallflower at the prom. There are some local restaurants, however, where single patrons are more welcome than others. That will be the topic this morning at 10 a.m. on KCUR 89.3's Central Standard Friday program. Local food writers Emily Farris, Mary Bloch and Christine Becicka will join me to seek out the dining venues in Kansas City where being dateless won't ruin one's appetite. Call 816-235-2888 to join the conversation.

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