Some jackass stole Patterson Hood's guitar in Columbia on Tuesday night



What kind of monster would steal a Trucker's guitar?
  • What kind of monster would steal a Trucker's guitar?

UPDATE: The guitar has been returned to Hood. Hooray!

I'd planned to drive down to Columbia on Tuesday night to see Drive-By Truckers at the Blue Note. But then I got tied up (a friend offered me a free meal) and didn't go. Maybe if I had gone, I could have prevented the theft of Patterson Hood's Baxendale acoustic guitar, which some asshole swiped during the band's load-out. From Hood:

Last night my prized Baxendale Acoustic Guitar was stolen during our load out from The Blue Note in Columbia MO.
It was custom made for me and was my most cherished material possession.
It's a small, parlour type bodied acoustic guitar.
I have written my last five albums on this guitar and am very upset.
Anyone with any information about it, please contact us (, no questions asked.
It has made an already terrible week even worse.
Thanks in advance,
Patterson Hood
Drive-By Truckers

That's the guitar, in the photo above. Very disappointed in this thief for bringing shame upon a fine town like Columbia.

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