Trampled by Turtles, with Carl Broemel - tonight at the Granada



Because of its terrible name and the people on my Spotify feed who stream its songs, I assumed that Trampled by Turtles was another shitty Mumford & Sons knockoff band. As it turns out, that's not entirely true, although it does employ a lot of acoustic instruments. The group, which formed in 2003 in Duluth, Minnesota, plays fast-paced bluegrass ("newgrass," if you must) minus the sheen and bombast of the folkies currently dominating the pop charts. They're better than I had them pegged for, although I still won't say their name out loud in public. Opener Carl Broemel, guitarist for My Morning Jacket, has released two pretty solid solo records. The more recent, 2010's All Birds Say, touches on the gentle gothic country that MMJ favored on its early albums, as well as a sunnier AM-radio pop.

Wednesday, January 23, at the Granada, 7 p.m. doors, $20 in advance, $22 day of show.

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