The Drive-By Truckers are in Columbia tonight



Once or twice a year, when I'm feeling especially suffocated by Kansas City, I pick a night and drive to Columbia for a show, usually at the Blue Note. (One time, I ended up staying for six months, but that is a story for another day.) Being in the middle of Missouri purifies and rejuvenates some part of the soul. Incidentally, so does listening to the Drive-By Truckers, the unofficial poet laureates of Southern rock. The group's most recent release, 2011's Go-Go Boots, is a standout in DBT's already excellent catalog, and its sprawling live show is a massive bonfire party of stories, sing-alongs and deeply felt rock jams. Opener Houndmouth hails from the Louisville area; I caught its set at Forecastle last year and was impressed with both its bouncy, Band-like Americana and its ridiculously hot - like, she should be playing Don Draper's secretary on Mad Men; she is that hot - singer-instrumentalist Katie Toupin.

Tuesday, January 22, at the Blue Note, doors at 7:30 p.m., $20, all ages

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