Best of 2012: Steve Tulipana of RecordBar and Thee Water MoccaSins



Before ushering in 2013, we asked members of Kansas City's music community to reflect on some of their favorite local moments of 2012. Today: Steve Tulipana of RecordBar and Thee Water MoccaSins (which happens to be playing a a New Year's Eve show at RecordBar tonight).

Highlights: "Successfully promoting the Swans and Xiu Xiu show at Beaumont Club on September 19. Kansas City proved to me that they have great taste and open minds and ears by attending one of the heaviest, loudest and most intense shows I've ever seen."

"The turnout for Shearwater at RecordBar on February 6 was incredibly disappointing, but the performance they gave to the nonexistent crowd was transcendent, so much so that I bought every one of their LPs on vinyl that night. Their latest album, Animal Joy, is on my top 10 list for 2012. Brilliant and impassioned."

"One of my favorite moments in local music was attending the Making Movies CD listening party for their new album, A La Deriva, one of the best local albums put out this year. The band performed a few of the songs off the new album, stripped-down and acoustic. It was a treat listening to Enrique Chi tell the stories behind not just the recording of the album but the songs themselves. A very memorable and intimate performance at Czar."

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