Where to celebrate the end of the world



Say good bye to earth. Just kidding, say hello to parties and happy hours.
  • Say good bye to earth. Just kidding, say hello to parties and happy hours.
There are two kinds of people in this world: Idiots that believe that the world will end on Friday when the Mayan calendar supposedly runs out, and somewhat intelligent people who are confident the world will not end, but will enjoy a theme party with cheap drinks. And, because I like to Pitch readers are fairly rational human beings, I assume you're all in the latter category, rather than, say, building a massive boat that will somehow survive the entire world ending.

Presumably because the Mayans knew people in 2012 like to party, they conveniently scheduled the apocalypse on a Friday, making it the perfect convergence of doomsday myths and J├Ąger bombs. After the jump, peruse some bar specials, parties and other events marking the non-end of the world.

The Quaff: (1010 Broadway St.) Canned food drive that benefits the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception's food bank. Two cans gets you in the door with no cover, five cans will get you a free beer, ten cans will get you a free beer or drink. Music by Dead DJ E.

Tanner:s (7425 Broadway Street) Music by DJ Kim Switch. Beer specials. If you come dressed as a Mayan you get a $10 gift card.

Moxie: (4011 N. Oak Trafficway) $10 bottomless cups 9-midnight. Free "Heaven's Gate" shot at midnight.

Arts Asylum: (1000 East Ninth Street) End Times Jam including Brother Bagman, Supermassive Black Holes,Old Sound, and Wolfmanz Brothers (a Phish tribute). Zombie-themed photo booth. $10

Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre: (3614 Main) The Longest Night Ball hosted by The Gaia Community - an Earth-based, pagan Unitarian Universalist congregation. A midnight pageant celebrates
the "depth of Winter and the promised return of Spring. $25 entry fee included snacks and nonalcoholic drinks.

Mission Theatre: (5909 Johnson Drive, Mission) Hibernate: Soulstice of Awakening including many techno acts. 7:30 p.m.-5 a.m.

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