John Velghe has a few new songs and a show Saturday with Pedaljets



The Velg.
  • The Velg.
It's been about nine months since John Velghe and his Prodigal Sons released Don't Let Me Stay, a darn fine roots-pop record that we discussed here.

The group recently recorded a two-song single, featuring "Love's No Place," a track from an upcoming 2013 full-length from Velghe & Co., and "Affection," a cover of a Lost Boys song. Says Velghe:

"Affection" was written by "Little" Steven Van Zandt (E Street Band) with his band the Lost Boys. It was never released on a full-length record. We decided to start covering this about a month ago, and we were recording it the night Hurricane Sandy came ashore on the New Jersey coast. We played Asbury Park, New Jersey, this summer, and the people there were all very kind to us. It was really sad to see the pictures of what became of that town and that area. It just seemed right to turn this song from a NJ native into something we could do to help a community that was so good to us.

Grab and stream the single here for two bucks. (Proceeds go to Hurricane Sandy relief organizations.) And go see the band this Saturday at RecordBar with Pedaljets and Katy Guillen.

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