Huddle House opens in Westport next Monday


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Its breakfast 24 hours a day at Huddle House.
Your best friend in winter is the 24-hour diner. And frankly, there's no better place to make friends at odd hours (whether you want them or not). Earlier this year, This American Life (rebroadcast its show from 2000) where journalists spent 24 hours at the Golden Apple, a diner in Chicago. Starting next Monday, you can try the same feat at Huddle House.

The Southern chain opens in Westport December 17 in the former Midwest Cyclery space at 3957 Broadway. It serves Southern-style comfort food: grits, biscuits and gravy. The diner that began in Decatur, Georgia, in 1964 is in the midst of a huge expansion. With Simply Breakfast and the work going on in the shuttered Corner Cafe, breakfast is now the hottest meal in Westport.


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