Dean Monkey and the Dropouts on KJHK's Retro Prom this weekend



KJHK knows how to throw a party. Most of the station's party-throwing prowess comes from consistently booking stellar local acts. This weekend's Retro Prom (Friday, December 7, 8 p.m., at the Bottleneck) is no different. Hearts of Darkness will headline the gig, with DJ vs. Drums, and Dean Monkey and the Dropout supporting. We recently caught up with Max Yoder, of Dean Monkey and the Dropouts.

The Pitch: Are you going to break out any new music at the show this weekend?

Yoder: We have a few new tunes we're going to play at the event, possibly including a popular cover originally recorded by a certain aging "king." We are excited to play the Bottleneck again for a more normal show. (Last time we played as part of the Field Day Fest during the day while it was 100 degrees outside.)

This is a prom and all, so will the band wear appropriate prom attire?

I am not certain exactly what we will wear at the gig as these decisions are often made last-minute and in sworn secrecy. We have worn something different nearly every show we have played.

Any new releases fans can look forward to?

We recently finished our second EP, which I am very excited for everyone to hear. Our new tunes have moved far past the restrictions of basic "doo-wop" music (into a more soul/funk/blues rock territory - though we still play plenty of filthy doo-wop songs.)

[Yoder later noted that while the EP is finished, mixing and mastering may take until spring.]

Have you played with any of the other bands on the bill yet?

I have never seen Hearts of Darkness live before, but from their videos, I can see they are a very fun and professional band, and we are honored and even a bit intimidated to be opening for them. I think my friend Sam Goodell plays keys with them, but otherwise we don't know them personally. All around it sounds like an awesome show, and we are very excited to be playing our first KJHK event!

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