Angel Dillard claims ministerial privilege in questions about George Tiller's murderer



What defense is next for Angel Dillard?
  • What defense is next for Angel Dillard?

Angel Dillard is back with a new kind of wacky. As you might remember, Dillard is being sued by the federal government over threats that she sent to Wichita doctor Mila Means. She has tried many tactics to prove her innocence. First, she said her threatening letter to Means wasn't a real threat. Then, she said her threat should be protected as free speech. Finally, she argued that her threat shouldn't be a crime because she was just exercising her right to practice her faith.

Somehow none of the brilliant defenses have convinced a judge to throw the case out. Ever obstinate, Dillard unleashed her latest defensive maneuver in a court filing Wednesday. She is refusing to answer some questions about her relationship with Scott Roeder, the man who killed George Tiller in 2009.

Dillard answered some of the prosecutors' questions but refused to answer others because they were covered by clergy privilege. This latest gambit will surely be shot down by the judge because, as the AP write-up puts it, "There is no evidence Dillard is an ordained minister." That's so Angel.

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