There's a big music festival in midtown on Wednesday night



There's a new local radio station in town, Flood FM, and the night before Thanksgiving, six venues are hosting 30 (30!) bands to help spread the word about it. Flood FM's aim is to connect local artists and fans by providing digital tours of the service's online radio stations. Money collected at the festival will go to help launch the online music community.

Says Jenny Jones, Flood Fest coordinator: "The radio station is being developed by a team of people right here in Kansas City. Josh Nelson is one of the heads of the operation. Josh and I are the ones planning the festival together. The radio is an equal-opportunity station and will feature all types of unsigned bands of all genres."

Flood Fest will run from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Wednesday, November 21. Venue and band schedule after the jump.

The Riot Room
12:20 a.m., Supermassive Black Holes
11:20 p.m., Brother Bagman
10:20 p.m., the MGDs
9:20 p.m., Born in Babylon
8:20 p.m., Faces & Names
7:20 p.m., Kan Eyed

Mike Kelly's Westsider
12:20 a.m., DeadEye
11:20 p.m., Old Sound
10:20 p.m., the Wayward Bettys
9:20 p.m., AJ Young
8:20 p.m., Air Crew
7:20 p.m., Mason Pashia

Fitz's Blarney Stone
12 a.m., Smash the State
11 p.m., Bent Left
10 p.m., Deen-O & the Eskimo Bros
9 p.m., Future Kings
8 p.m., Hipshot Killer (Acoustic)
7 p.m., Sevart & Shipley (Acoustic)
Resident DJ Johnny 2 Tone

The News Room
12:20 a.m., Attic Wolves
11:20 p.m., Nicolette Paige
10:20 p.m., My Six Gun Heart
9:20 p.m., the Monarchs
8:20 p.m., the Heavy Figs
Resident DJ Domensha 1210

Sidecar at the Beaumont Club
11 p.m., DJ WestEndGrl
10 p.m., MissConception & the Vibe Tribe
8:30 p.m., DJ Jochen Silveira
7 p.m., DJ Ashton Martin

11 p.m., AY Musik
9 p.m., DJ Negative Famous
7 p.m., Purusa
DJ Jochen Silveira to host VIP dance party after AY Musik's performance

For more information about the event and Flood FM, go here.

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