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Leslie Hindman
  • Leslie Hindman
There are auction houses in Kansas City, but none with the national presence of Chicago's Leslie Hindman Auctioneers. But as soon as next year, Hindman tells The Pitch, there could be a Kansas City outpost of her business.

"We're very serious about opening a Kansas City office in 2013," says Hindman, who opened a Sotheby's in Chicago 34 years ago and left to open her namesake company in 1982. Today it has branches in Denver, Milwaukee, Naples and Palm Beach.

Hindman's house was chosen by the heirs of the David A. Stickelber estate to auction the collections of the late Kansas City-based arts patron and philanthropist. That event was held last Thursday in Chicago and attracted a large audience in person and online. "We had 600 people registered online, from all over the world, just for the Stickelber estate auction," Hindman says.

Hindman, who opened her Milwaukee branch a year ago, says a Kansas City office would focus on finding sellers of art and antiques more than buyers. Hindman believes that the Midwest is an under-served market: "There are major collectors in the heartland. Sophisticated people with excellent taste."

She adds, "We have buyers attending our auction in person, by phone or online from around the world. An auction of fine property no longer depends on a local audience. Today, it's about finding the sellers."


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