Obama will be on the ballot in Kansas



President Obamas name will be on ballots in Kansas this year.
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  • President Obama's name will be on ballots in Kansas this year.
You have to wonder if Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer woke up Saturday, fired up their Twitter and RSS feeds and then decided to hit the snooze button. Schmidt and Colyer (two of the three members of the State Objections Board) weren't in attendance Monday as the board's chair and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach announced that he was satisfied by the documentation he had received that proved President Barack Obama's citizenship and his eligibility for the November ballot in Kansas.

Manhattan resident Joe Montgomery had brought his concerns before the board in a Thursday hearing, and the SOB decided to delay a decision until yesterday to gather more information. Montgomery, in the wake of intense national attention, withdrew his objection Friday. At Monday's meeting, the two absent members' surrogates, Mark Dugan and John Campbell, pushed for a quick resolution. Kobach explained why the board was overruling Montgomery's objection when birther Orly Taitz interrupted, arguing that the investigation needed to be continued. Kobach advised her that she could file a lawsuit challenging the decision.

The hope is that now, just as Schmidt and Colyer might have sought to distance themselves from a poor political decision, the nation can move on to some other state.

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