Jill Gevargizian of Slaughter Movie House on Monday’s screening and her Halloween plans



To celebrate the unofficial beginning of the fall season on Labor Day (Monday Sep. 3), Czar is hosting the monthly Slaughter Movie House, which begins at 7 p.m. and is free for patrons 18 and older. We recently contacted Jill Gevargizian (Jill Sixx), Slaughter Movie House organizer, and asked her about this month’s feature film, Mold, who she met at Crypticon KC, and what special spooks she’s planned for Halloween night.

The Pitch: Who wrote, directed Mold, and what’s the basic plot?

Jill Gevargizian: Neil Meschino. It's set during President Reagan's term and pokes fun at him and the war on drugs. The government has created a strain of killer mold they plan to plant in the cocoa fields, but it of course goes all wrong.

What’s your favorite film you’ve featured in the series so far?

My personal favorite was Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, which is an 80s-style summer camp slasher that unapologetically rags on the church. It's just wrong in every way!

Any hints on what you have planned for October?

I just booked the film, it's on its way to me right now. It's titled Jacob... a Texas-based, gory revenge story.

Are you working on any other horror-related projects for this fall, Halloween, winter?

I'm actually doing a special Slaughter Movie House on Halloween night and showing George A. Romero's classic, Night of the Living Dead, at Czar. This is the first time I've announced this! There's also Horror on the BLVD, which is put on by Tim Sweeten (October 12-13) which I am part of again this year! Aside from, that I am attending a lot of conventions out of town in the next few months with the filmmakers I've befriended through screening their films here.

Also: Crypticon KC. I assume you went — any standout moments, or memorable meets?

I had a blast. My favorite moment was far and away meeting the cast of Night of the Creeps and watching the film with them. They still have an amazing and hilarious chemistry. That film stars Jason Lively, who played Rusty Griswold in European Vacation, and partying with him was a trip!

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