Happy hour could be returning to Kansas

Kansas gets a little wetter — happy hour looks like it's coming back.



Happy Hour is coming back.
  • Happy Hour is coming back.
Once it's noon, raise your glass to the Kansas House, which approved a bundle of liquor bills last Friday. The legislation allows bars to offer happy hour; distilleries to sell and serve booze like microbreweries; and liquor stores to sample beer, wine and spirits. The package of bills did not include a provision to let grocery stores or convenience stores sell full-strength beer and alcohol.

The idea that distilleries could sample and sell their goods is good news for local companies like the Dark Horse Distillery in Olathe Lenexa, which The Pitch profiled back in February. Dark Horse intends to offer tours and tasting events if the sampling bill becomes law.

The wine industry also got a potential boost because winemakers would be able to grow grapes, produce wine and sell it on the premises of a farm winery. Those wineries could also take their products to wine festivals and other locations, where they could sample and sell bottles.

Currently, Kansas bars can offer only daily drink specials for the entire time an establishment is open rather than for a specific set of hours. Happy hour has been banned since 1985. The bills still have to be signed by Gov. Sam Brownback.

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