Farm to Market Irish soda bread should be your St. Patty's Day tradition



Once unwrapped, its not going back in the plastic.
Holiday breads get unfairly dismissed, along with Christmas cookies. Just because something is a classic doesn't mean it should be forgotten. Exhibit A in our quest to get back to the bread-making basics is arguably the most famous of the quick breads — Irish soda bread. And let us tell you the seasonal offering from Farm to Market is a real humdinger.

A half-loaf seems like a good serving size.
Soda bread, so known for the baking soda used instead of yeast, was not traditionally sweetened.

Thankfully, the folks at Farm to Market understand that we no longer live in a culture of moderation, and they've packed their half-a-honeydew-sized loaf with raisins. The recipe is a modified scone recipe — the end product is moister and more buttery (courtesy of a generous amount of butter and buttermilk) than your average breakfast triangle. The crust is dusted with crunchy specks of raw sugar.

The bread is available only through tomorrow. It's $4.99 at the Cosentino's Market (14 West 62nd Terrace) in Brookside. A list of all the stores carrying the bread is available on Farm to Market's website.

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