Yuca Roots, Truckstop Honeymoon, and the Brody Buster Band support the HemiFoundation Saturday night



Truckstop Honeymoon will be there.
  • Truckstop Honeymoon will be there.

All surgeries are invasive, but some medical procedures are more cringe-inducing than others.

Example: Getting tonsils removed is, like, a 1 on the invas-o-meter. Another example: Having half your brain removed or disconnected. Yeah, I’d say the personal-space invasion with this one is off the charts.

A Hemispherectomy (the latter procedure mentioned above) is a surgical option for people who have dangerous seizures or other similar diseases. Individuals who have the surgery can’t control their ailments with drugs.

Saturday night, the Granada puts on Hemi Jam, a benefit for the Hemispherectomy Foundation. Event promoters hope to bring additional awareness, funding and support to the foundation.

“Money raised for the foundation directly impacts the children and families. Some examples of this, but not limited to, are scholarships, camp fees, life-aid equipment, travel expenses, and other approved expenses. Also, it [the organization] is dedicated to education, awareness, fundraising, and research of medical conditions that lead to this surgery,” says Dan Huston, member of the foundation.

“We have seen how important this foundation is for families who are faced with the decision of putting their child through this surgery. It is an overwhelming and intimidating decision to go down this road. Children and families are exhausted, overwhelmed and desperate for an end to these debilitating seizures. The foundation enables these parents to connect with other families who have been down this road and see that there is hope after surgery. There is a quality of life after this surgery that was disappearing with every seizure.”

Yuca Roots, Truckstop Honeymoon and the Brody Buster Band will perform. Doors open at 7 p.m. for the all-ages event. Attendees can participate in a live and silent auction, and a drawing. Tickets cost $10. All proceeds go to the Hemispherectomy Foundation.

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