Metro Pro Wrestling's last show of 2011 is Saturday night; Steven J. Girthy talks about being local wrestling's most hated manager



Everyone hates a winner.
  • Everyone hates a winner.
The last Metro Pro Wrestling television taping of 2011 takes place Saturday, December 10, at the Turner Rec Center (doors open Saturday at 6 p.m.; matches begin at 7). It'll be a big night for the most hated sports agent in local wrestling, Steven J. Girthy.

Girthy is a throwback to the days when weaselly managers roamed ringside and cheated for their charges. Saturday night, Girthy will lead his main client, the best wrestler in Kansas City, Jeremy Wyatt, into a title match against Metro Pro Champion Bull Schmitt. He'll also be in the corner of "Showtime" Bradley Charles, who will face curly-haired Kansan Tyler Cook in match No. 2 of a best of three series for the NWA Kansas Title (Charles won the first match).

Girthy, who models himself after notorious and legendary managers James E. Cornette and Paul E. Dangerously, shared some of his nefarious plans with The Pitch. Here's what he had to say:

Saturday night is a big one for the Girthy Management Group. What do you have planned?

What do I have planned? Jeremy Wyatt is the Central States Heavyweight Champion. He defeated the former NWA Heavyweight Champion. He nearly defeated the current World Heavyweight Champion. So I don't have to worry about what Jeremy Wyatt is going to do Saturday night because I know he knows how to take care of business. I'm just there to support him and make sure that he becomes the Metro Pro Heavyweight Champion.

Bradley Charles is already the Kansas Heavyweight Champion. He pinned Tyler Cook one, two, three in the ring. Unfortunately, another ref got involved and screwed it all up. The fact of the matter remains, we've got the belt. Bradley is the champ. He's just going to go out there and be dominant and prove that there's a reason he left that night with the belt.

Why do people hate you so much?

Well, I can tell you a million reasons why, but it's really simple. People hate what they're jealous of. I'm successful. I make people better than they were, and everything that I do works out for the best and people get jealous of that. Look at the people who are there, showing up in their Walmart fashions and showing up from their jobs where they still have to wear name tags. These people are jealous of me, and they try to figure out things they can make fun of me about, but in the end, it's a desperate cry for help.

What's the worst thing anyone has said to you this year?

Probably "fat-ass faggot" from an 8-year-old.

From an 8-year-old?

An 8- to 10-year-old, somewhere in there, which really goes to show the level of parenting going on at the level of the Metro Pro fans.

That's pretty nasty. I take it they haven't followed the WWE's Be-a-Star anti-bullying campaign?

I'm going to assume not. ... I put something on my Facebook page saying, "We know we're better than people on an individual level. We don't resort to homophobia or religious hatred or racist bigotry. We don't prescribe to any of that stuff. Whoever you are as a person, that's your base level. We don't care. We'll hate you on an individual level. That said, women still need to get their asses back in the kitchen."

I take it that stems from your feud with Miss Natural, who defeated you?

It was a sucker move. I wasn't looking, and she hit me with a spear out of the corner. I'm still aiming for a rematch.

Have you settled that sexual harassment lawsuit with her?

As I said on the Metro Pro television broadcast when I did commentary, the details of my lawsuit state that I cannot discuss the matter.

Will you be doing more commentary in the future?

I would assume so because God knows Dave Borchardt sucks at it.

You took a superkick this year. How'd that feel?

It was a sucker move from Tyler [Cook], who is pissed off because his buddy, his BFF, became part of the Girthy Management Group. He showed what a big man he was by not only attacking a manager, a man 10 years older than him and who is not a wrestler, but he couldn't even do that face to face. He had to sneak up on me from behind, pretend to be the announcer and then kick me in the face. He couldn't even face me like a man. Shows you what kind of a person he is.

I saw a redneck take a swing at you. What was that all about?

It's a pretty common occurrence for idiots to think that because I'm a manager that they can kick my ass, that they can take a swing at me, that somehow I'm lesser. I said it many times, don't get it twisted. I'm not [Michael] Strider. I'm not Jeremy Wyatt. I'm not even Tyler Cook. The fact of the matter is, I've been in the business for 15 years. I know how to take care of myself. And I've been known to knock people stupid on occasion, when it's necessary.

I like to let people know that I'm not a man to be messed with. Just because I've got nice clothes on and I don't go in the ring, doesn't mean I can't handle business.

When you look back on 2011, are you pleased with the results?

There were some definite missteps. I tried to look into some private security with people who ended up being failures. That was disappointing, of course. ... I think I lost track of the important thing that Jeremy and Brad don't need protection. I don't need protection. Every great mind makes missteps. I count those among them.

As far as high points, Jeremy Wyatt has wins over so many high-profile people. Christopher Daniels, and that was a huge one, that was someone he'd watched for years. Now he's got a win over Colt Cabana, and he took the NWA Heavyweight Champion to the limit and nearly won the title. So I consider that a real high point.

Taking Bradley Charles from an absolute green rookie, fresh-faced little white-meat baby face running around out there slapping hands, and making him into a confident wrestler that is able to not care what people think and go out there and take care of business and watching him improve match to match to match. I'd say that those are both huge things. There's no rock-star, changing-the-earth moments out there, but there are a few moments to be proud of for the Girthy Management Group for 2011.

And you could finish on a high note?

Absolutely. I make fun of everyone in Metro Pro all of the time because they deserve it, but the fact of the matter is, there's no bad competitors in Metro Pro. Everyone is there for a reason, because they're the very best at what they do. You can't take anything away from Bull Schmitt on being a competitor and being a top-notch athlete. The fact of the matter is, Jeremy Wyatt is just a little bit better than everyone else. Looks like the NWA office may be stripping him of a title yet again as he trades up to the Metro Pro Heavyweight Championship.

What do you have planned for 2012?

Well, a lot of things will be changing within the next year. I expect to see some of the people that I've known for years in the business start to wind down and gear down. Makes me start to think in that direction as well, that it's time for me to start gearing down a little bit. But no matter what happens, I'm always going to go out on top. I've got the top-notch talent in the company. And who knows, before I leave this business, I might take a few more people to gold. Maybe I can get a stable filled with every champion in the company. Maybe that's my note to leave on.

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