Wanna know what's rarer than the Hope Diamond?


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Wayward Blog gets a lot of press releases, but few have as much spunk as this one.

I received the following press release yesterday and wanted to share it because it made me chuckle, and chuckles are hard to come by these days. (Seriously. Just click over to The Plog.)

Subject: What's rarer than the Hope Diamond?

(A bar that doesn't serve Pabst? A DJ who spins original tunes?)

Body: An Elvis sighting? NO!! A Brooklyn band actually FROM Brooklyn!

(Oh, ho! They got me. Haha! Ah ...)

A Million Years have spent the last year proving that they are more than a pair of skinny jeans and leather coats. Their debut album, Mischief Maker, was well received throughout NYC leading to tours up and down the coasts and a U.K. tour with Jesse Malin. A Million Years are making their way across the country stopping in Kansas City on April 28th to play the RecordBar.

A Million Years will perform with Appropriate Grammar and Then Sings My Soul at RecordBar on April 28 at 9 p.m. Tickets are $7, and the show is 18+.


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