Hey! Bulldog studio closes, Cosgrove Audio absorbs


Josh Browning is joining Cosgrove Audio (above).
  • Josh Browning is joining Cosgrove Audio (above).

After three years in the local recording business, Josh Browning, operator of Hey! Bulldog Soundlabs (and former audio engineer with Black Lodge Recording) is closing up shop and joining forces with Chris Cosgrove of Cosgrove Audio.

"Hey! Bulldog has been a fantastic place to make records. I'm really proud of what's come out of there over the past three years (Cowboy Indian Bear, Stik Figa, Katlyn Conroy, Colony Collapse, etc). I wanted to have a place where young groups with promise could come and try to make ambitious records. I think we achieved that," Browning explains.

He also admits that all 3,000 square feet of Hey! Bulldog was simply too large for one man, given the present state of the industry. Located in a rural church outside of KC city limits, Browning's digs proved to be quite expensive and not as intimate as his ideal.

"I've known Chris (Cosgrove) for a number of years from when we both worked together at Black Lodge. He has always been very supportive and helpful, especially when I first arrived here after studying audio engineering in Amsterdam. When I heard that he had opened a new studio, it seemed like a natural fit. It's difficult running a studio as a one-man-show. I love the idea of having a partner."

Cosgrove agrees. "I have always thought Josh was one of the most talented producers/engineers in the area. We have talked about him coming aboard with me for a while now, and I'm very excited it's finally become a reality."

Cosgrove Audio is located in Riverside, Missouri. Currently, Cosgrove is recording Cadillac Flambe, Rocker Lips, Dead Girls, the Silver Maggies, Grant Fitch, Killer Cars, Adam Evolving and Burning Symmetry, while Browning is working with Cowboy Indian Bear, Stik Figa, Walking Oceans, Taylor Hollenbeck from Colony Collapse.

"Why should musicians choose to record with you over any of the other people in town?" I asked.

"Our good looks ... most definitely our good looks," Cosgrove says.

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