Tracey Jones, bus driver, gets 15 days in jail for accident that killed Mason Adams


Mason Adams died in a bus accident.
  • Mason Adams died in a bus accident.

Tracey Jones was driving the school bus that hit and killed 16-year-old Mason Adams in November. Jones, 23, failed to defog her windows, so she didn't see Adams in the crosswalk. For that deadly mistake, Jones was sentenced to 15 days in jail, two years of probation and 200 hours of community service, according to the St. Joseph News-Press. But she hasn't gotten the forgiveness of Adams' friends and family.

Bridget Blasi, Adams' mother, reportedly told the court that she cannot

forgive Jones. "She isn't in my mercy or the mercy of the court."

Blasi is angry and hurt, and for good reason: She lost her child. Sympathy for Jones was apparently in short supply after a prosecutor

played a six-minute video showing Jones driving a bus with fogged

windows. It also didn't help that Jones had two prior bus accidents on record.

Blasi was also mad that she never received an

apology from Jones or the bus company, First Student Inc., for which Jones

worked. But that's tricky to do when Adams' family is suing both in

civil court. Lawyers get squeamish when their clients reach out

to the people suing them.

But Jones did make an apology. Her attorney, Michael Mogenson, told the

court that Jones went against his advice and sent an unsigned card, a

rose and $100 in cash to Adams' family.

Jones got her chance to apologize in court. "As a mother, I still cannot imagine the pain and suffering that you

are going through," Jones reportedly said in court. "I am so sorry I

put this hardship on your life."

Jones pleaded guilty to misdemeanor reckless and imprudent driving.

Judge Keith Marquart explained that Jones wasn't charged with

involuntary manslaughter "because the act has to have practical

certainty to cause harm."

"The failure to clean dew or frost did not present certain cause

of due harm," he told the court.

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