Comment of the Day: Dead president weighs in on man's beard in meerkat heist


Honest Abe doesn't like copycats.
  • Honest Abe doesn't like copycats.

This has been another heavy week in Kansas City, so let's leave on a lighter note (an not one to skeeve out Thomas Jones). This week's craziest story put an end to the mystery of the missing meerkat. This one line from the story says it all: "Santhuff admitted he'd jumped into the exhibit, stole the meerkat and stuck it in the stroller, and said that Bradley pushed the stroller out of the zoo and kept the meerkat at his mother's." It's a story crazy enough to get a dead president to talk. So we leave you this week with the words of Abraham Lincoln:

"Jacob Bradley AND Jacob Pullen need to stop ripping off my sweet beard idea, g*ddammit!"

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