What You Do For Money Honey: Billy Brimblecom of Blackpool Lights



How does Brimblecom pay the bills?
  • How does Brimblecom pay the bills?
What You Do For Money Honey takes us beyond the music and into the cubicles, behind the desks, and on top of what local musicians do to pay the bills.

Billy Brimblecom used to drum around town on the reg until he moved to Nashville a few years back. He was back in Kansas City this Friday with his reunited band Blackpool Lights. After we interviewed him for the paper last week, we were all, "What do you do for your money, honey, Billy Brimblecom?"

Brimblecom's got a variety of gigs these days, it turns out. 

Basically, when I got to Nashville, I decided I'd start saying yes to everything. If it involved me playing drums and getting paid money and seemed reasonably tolerable, I'd do it.

From January until May this year, I was drumming on the weekends for this youth organization that's based in Joplin, MO that puts on these huge all-weekend Christian youth group type of shows. So I'd leave Nashville every Thursday, fly out to wherever the event was happening -- Atlanta, Tulsa, St. Louis, Portland, all over the country -- and we'd set up at these huge convention centers and arenas and play throughout the weekend for junior high kids. We'd play Christian praise and worship songs, in I guess kind of a faster way, a more rock-band type of way. It was much different than the kind of touring I'm used to, where you're just gone for six and a half weeks. And I even think it made me a better drummer, because I was playing with a click track on that tour.

Recently I've been picking up occasional acting jobs. A few years ago, I did this theater thing in New York, where my friend wrote a musical and I played the drums and acted. And it kind of spurred me to look into acting in Nashville, where there's a handful of TV projects that come around, plus commercials and smaller films. So I've done some voiceover jobs. I did a music video where I played the drummer. Oh also, I did a commercial where I was an extra for a public service announcement featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. I didn't get to meet Billy Ray though. 

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