Waiter, there's a bug in my coffee bean




Image via Flickr: Selma90
esterday on National Public Radio's Morning Edition, reporter Ben Markus aired a story on how an infestation of the coffee borer is causing havoc in the Kona coffee fields in Hawaii and that Kona coffee -- already one of the priciest beans in the coffee market -- is going to get even more expensive.

Adding insult to injury is that all coffee beans are costly right now: "The coffee market is at an eight-year-high," said the Roasterie's Master Roaster Norman Killmon.

The good news for The Roasterie is that the Kansas City-based coffee roasting company had already purchased a supply of Kona beans two weeks ago: "We're good for several months," said Killmon.

And although the coffee borer is a problem for coffee fields in other countries -- and global warming is reportedly responsible for some of the infestation -- it's the Hawaiian borer problem that's garnering most media attention since it's affecting a $27 million crop.

Kansas City's other major artisan coffee roaster, Parisi Brothers, currently don't offer a Kona coffee in their product line.

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