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If the Get Up Kids releasing a new album (There Are Rules, due out January 25) and touring weren't enough goodness to make you happy -- and you weren't lucky enough to have frontman Matt Pryor play in your living room -- perhaps the following bit of news will satiate your desire for all things GUK.

Seems that Matt Pryor is part of a three-way split from Japan's Inyaface Records, along with Saves the Day's Chris Conley and Husking Bee's Masafumi Isobe. They'll each contribute an original, as well as covering a song by each of their compatriots.

Pryor's original is "Pictures, Records & Ring" and he covers Saves the Day's "Freakish" and Husking Bee's "Walk." It's due out on December 22. You can find more information at Inyaface's website, and you can check out a sampler below.


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