Five body mods, and why Ke$ha these artists should get them.


Please, someone tell me she lost it in a bar fight.
  • Please, someone tell me she lost it in a bar fight.

​Well, everyone, the bar just got a little lower.

Ke$ha -- singer, pop star, professional dirty girl -- has added a gold tooth to her already-classy get-up. This got us thinking: what other body modifications would be fitting to add to artists' aesthetics? Here's a list of five body modifications, and who should get 'em.

Ear shaping (otherwise known as "elfing"): folk singer and harpist Joanna Newsom.

Rockin' the elf-ear.
  • Rockin' the elf-ear.

So, Joanna Newsom's shitck may not harp (ha, harp) on faeries and elves and the like, but her whimsical, woodland aesthetic speaks to a sort of earth-mother consciousness, no? Folky-druid overtones, arcane language...we're guessing that elfing isn't out of the question, either.

Joanna Newsom
  • Joanna Newsom

Eyeball tattooing: the one and only Lil Wayne

The hardcore world of eyeball tattooing.
  • The hardcore world of eyeball tattooing.

Lil Wayne is already tattooed from head to toe. And isn't eyeball tattooing a new prison trend, anyway? Since Weezy is already locked up in Rikers as we speak, I'm voting green -- like cash (and Lil Wayne's label, Young Money), and weed (his muse).

  • ...Sexy?

Tounge splitting. Well...Ke$ha

  • ...Sexy?

For an artist whose promo photos seem to revolve around her mouth (more specifically, with two splayed fingers around her mouth, and her tongue out), this seems like a way to mix things up a bit. Right-o, Ke$ha?

Under the blacklight.
  • Under the blacklight.

Blacklight tattoos: the most famous exhibitionist of them all, Lady Gaga

Under the blacklight.
  • Under the blacklight.

Lady Gaga has already demonstrated that she's not shy when it comes to ink. She recently got a tattoo of a unicorn on her thigh, she's got a Rilke quote on her arm, and Miami Ink's Kat Von D finished up a tattoo on her lower back. We're proposing that the next step be a blacklight tattoo. After all, Gaga is all about her stage show -- what would be cooler than having the singer light up in neon, from inside her skin?

Lady Gaga
  • Lady Gaga

Vajazzled. Goddammit, it's Ke$ha.


We just can't think of anyone more va-jazzy than Ke$ha to rock these studs in her nether-regions. (Ugh. That sentence just made me gag.) Seriously, though, if you're considering getting this done, just remember that you're joining these ranks.


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