Dennis Moore now a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act


Will Suarez rallied outside Congressman Moore's office on April 8.
  • Will Suarez rallied outside Congressman Moore's office on April 8.

Maybe it worked.

Less than two weeks ago, Will Suarez, a student at Johnson County Community College, organized a rally at the office of Congressman Dennis Moore. The Peru native wanted the Kansas Democrat to sign on to the DREAM Act, federal legislation that would make higher education accessible for undocumented kids, many of whom were brought into this country before they even knew how to read.

In a meeting that day, Moore expressed support for the measure. But Suarez wanted the congressman to step it up and co-sponsor the bill. Moore didn't commit immediately, but he told Suarez he'd think about it.

Last week, Suarez kept up the pressure, urging supporters to call Moore's office.

Yesterday, Moore's office responded. According to his spokesman, Brandon Naylor, the congressman is now a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act.

Suarez jumped out of his seat when he got the e-mail from Moore's legislative director. He says the support from a Blue Dog Democrat in a conservative district is an important signal to other legislators. It's an even more important signal, he added, for the undocumented students who deserve a shot at an affordable education.

"This made my year," he said.

And it's only April.

"I refuse to believe this can't be done and I will not tolerate a repeat of 2007 [when a version of the DREAM Act died in the U.S. Senate]," he said. "I will not stop until all my friends are given a chance at the American dream."

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