Rally in support of Lawrence stores raided by feds this Saturday


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​In the wake of last week's federal raid of Lawrence stores Sacred Journey and Bouncing Bear Botanicals, and federal drug charges against one business owner, fans of the new-age stores will gather tomorrow in Lawrence to show support for the businesses.

Sacred Journey owner Natalie McAnulla, 27, will speak tomorrow during the rally at 2 p.m. in South Park, near the county courthouse on Massachusetts Street.

"Me and the employees [of Sacred Journey] just wanted to show the press that people care about these plants and these stores and what they mean to the community," McAnulla says. "We want to show that it's not OK for the government to come in and take one plant or a certain plant and decide for us."

Sacred Journey is one of a handful of shops in Kansas to sell K2, a product that mimics the effects of marijuana on the brain and has been the center of controversy in recent months as legislators move to ban it. Aside from their K2 stock, federal agents confiscated several ethnobotanicals and froze McAnulla's business accounts.  


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